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Out of hundred people, there are ninety of them who wish to go to Canada either for a job or business or simply to get a good education. The place is now the most targeted destination, especially for Indians.


People always seek better opportunities in life. A developed nation like Canada can provide everything that a person desire to achieve in his lifetime.


To step into any foreign country a huge process of migration needs to be followed.  The several consultancy firms handle this issue in an effective manner and give a hassle-free travel to all the people.


How to Migrate to Canada?


At first, it will be better to know the several Visa categories that are available to migrate to Canada.

  • Permanent residency Visa
  • Travel Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Business Via
  • Work Visa


Varoius renowned consultants such as Canada Education Consultants guide you the better way to migrate to Canada with easy steps and processes and thus eases your way to migrate to Canada.


Mainly there are three categories of people who travel to Canada and the Canadian government has designed the immigration process in the following ways for all the groups of people.


  • Workers– There is a huge scope of employment for people in Canada. From all over the world, people are shifting their base to this country. The government has few rules to filter the immigration of people. The primary one is ‘skill level’ of the individual which can be broadly explained as National Occupational Classification. The people are offered jobs based on this.
  • Entrepreneurs and investors– The Canadian government also offer business immigration program for all the entrepreneurs and prospective investors. This immigration program mostly offers permanent residency in Canada to people and their families. The investors need to deposit a certain amount of money along with fulfilling few other criteria.
  • Students– The top ranking universities in the world are established in Canada. Every year a huge migration takes place in almost all the educational institutes in the country.  In the recent years, there are certain changes in the immigration terms and conditions. The students are now offered a PR and citizenship in Canada.  The government considers these people to be an eligible candidate to work in this country.

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Migrate to Canada is now an anthem for the Indians.  Be it education or work people are traveling to this country in a huge number. The immigration process is also quite easy and takes place quickly. This is the only country in the world which is now a second home for all the Indians. So, if you are planning to shift to Canada soon then do consult some proper consultancy firm to get all the details.







Migration to Canada

Canada Immigration

When you are maintaining your express entry profile for Canada, you are given definite points by IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada). If your Express Entry Profile has higher point scores as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), your chances for getting an ITA (Invitation to apply) for PR are very high

Here are a few key tips to improve your Express Entry Profile: –

  1. Language

Higher language proficiency is a key requirement for Canada express entry. It helps you get a higher CRS score for Express Entry. Higher language proficiency increases scores for education and work experience. So, if you don’t have sufficient language proficiency, give another test. You should always aim at improving your language proficiency to be able to get an ITA for PR

  1. Provincial Nomination

A provincial nomination Canada lets you have additional 600 points in the CRS points on express entry. So, eligibility for Provincial Express Entry for skilled workers is a great entry point as a start for your PR application.

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  1. Qualification

Higher Qualification proves to be a booster for increasing your CRS points on express entry. So,while planning for immigration to Canada, qualifications need to be kept in mind.

  1. Work Experience

Higher Work Experience always adds on to your CRS points and thereby improving your Express Entry profile. Certified, verifiable 40 hours employment within the NOC increases your probability for receiving an ITA for Canada PR.

  1. Valid Job Offer

A valid job offer from a Canadian Employee lets you have 600 additional CRS points and gives you better opportunity for ITA(Invitation to apply) for PR. But the job offer should be supported by an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). It will help if you search for better jobs from job banks and other important job portals in Canada.

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Migration to Canada

Express Entry PNP Canada

The way to apply for provincial nomination program depends upon the stream you are applying – paper based process or online process through express entry.

There are two stages for applying in each of the two cases:-

  1. 1. First decide the place to live in Canada. Apply to that particular province or territory for nomination. Your application is reviewed based on:
    Express entry – if you meet the minimum criteria for one of the federal immigration programs for express entry.
    Their immigration requirements
    If you are creating an express entry profile, you are asked for the province or state of your choice. You may be contacted by the province to submit your PNP application for nomination. If you already have the provincial nomination, you must mention it in your profile.
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  2. 2. After you are nominated for the province, you are required to apply to IRCC for permanent residence. Your application is assessed based on Canadian Immigration Laws.
    If you are applying for federal express entry, you must apply to IRCC before ITA is received.
    You have to pass the medical exam and police check as a part of the process
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In the paper based process, you are applying through non-express entry stream. You need to meet the eligibity criteria of the province or territory to get nominated. After getting nominated under provincial nominee program canada, you submit a paper application to IRCC. Processing time is more as compared to express entry.
In the electronic process stream, you apply in two ways. You can contact the province or territory of your interest. If they agree to nominate, you create express entry profile showing that you are nominated.
In the second process, you create your express entry profile, mentioning the province or territory of your interest. The province sends the notification of interest. You contact them directly.
In both cases, once you are invited to apply, you submit an electronic application to IRCC. Most of the express entry applications are processed in 6 months or less.


Migration to Canada

Canada Immigration &Education Consultants

The five amendments that are done in Canada benefit international students as well as the permanent residents, who held protected person status or were temporary residents such as work permit and study permit holders.
As On 11th October, the Canadian permanent residents who were previously on study permit will be able to count a portion of their time while studying towards Canadian citizenship residency requirement. There was also reduction in the physical presence for 3 to 4 years. It means international students and graduates, who would be looking to settle in Canada can enjoy the better way for their needs.


How this benefits international students
As per the new regulations, each day of the permanent residents spent in Canada as an international student or a post graduation work permit holder, was counted as a half day for up to a maximum of 365 possible days. The new measures and the reduction in the days for physical presence for three years could mean the workers and the international graduates in Canada are eligible to apply for citizenship after two years of being permanent residents.Morever, the government no longer needed the citizenship applicants to be present in Canada for 183 or more days in 4 out of 6 years preceding the citizenship application as was earlier.


As before, the time spent in Canada on temporary status was not counted for citizenship. The students would be counting their physical presence requirement for citizenship after getting the permanent residence. The residents had to be present in Canada for 4 to 6 years to fulfill the physical presence requirements in order to be eligible to apply for the citizenship.

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International students as permanent residents


Canada always encourages international students and workers to contribute towards the culture and economy of Canada. The international students for post secondary studies increased to 16 percent in one year, from 2015 to 2016.

Canada’s federal government always emphasizes on the better immigration programs such as Express Entry Canada and the provincial nominee program Canada.

Migration to Canada

Canada Education & Immigration

So now good news for everyone wanting to immigrate to Canada. It has been adjudged as the top country outside Europe to settle down and spend the rest of your life. Only Sweden outshone Canada in a recent study by the US news and World Report. This report assessed 80 countries based on stable economics, equality of earnings and the labour market. For the rankings to be given, members of the public and business leaders are spoken to in thousands. US ranked a much lesser seventh place after Norway. This project was carried out to classify world’s best country for living.


The main factors considered by the Report were no of immigrants as compared to the country’s population, how much money the migrant is able to send abroad and the United Nations ranking for policies of countries in relation to integration of immigrants in the national network. Canada scored highly on account of its growing economy and the measures the country has taken for benefits to immigrants. So meet your dreams of migrating to Canada by reaching Canada Immigration Consultants.


Most amazing is the fact the Canada scored the highest on the Education factor. In Canada, primary and secondary education is not only free but also mandatory. Canada’s policies allow for decentralization of education to provincial governments. So, approach Canada Education Consultants to fulfill your desires of study in Canada .


Canada has scored many more points than other countries which have broadly similar immigration programmes such as Australia and New Zealand. Canada is also ranked higher than countries that have similar climatic conditions like Finland and Norway. What adds more to the favour of Canada is the fact that when compared to similar economies, countries such as the US are seen as a worse for immigrants.