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Canada Education Consultants being the best study in Canada Consultants presents how the Canadian job vacancies are reaching a new high.


The last quarter of 2017 has seen a record high in Job vacancies in Canada’s private sector. This has been stated by a new report published by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.


A similar phase had struck Canadian employers in early 2008 when the job vacancy rate in the private business sector had touched 2.8 per cent for any quarter.


The CFIB is a non-profit organization with a membership of more than 109,000 independent businesses across Canada. Their report states, “In raw terms, this represents a record-high 361,700 jobs left unfilled for at least four months because employers have not found suitable candidates.” The study has gone on to state that there is a mounting shortage of skilled labour in Canada’s growing economy. The purview of the study has been responses from 2033 business owners and operators across Canada. As per the findings of the study, British Colombia had 60,100 vacant jobs which is the highest at 3.4 percent amongst all of the Canadian provinces.


Economists are pointing out that Labour shortages pose a major pitfall across the country especially to smaller sized firms. This in turn affects and inhibits the firms’ capacity for expansion and innovation.

In Quebec too, the job vacancy rate also rose slightly at just about 3.1 percent. The rate was 3 percent in Ontario and 2.4 percent in Saskatchewan. In no’s this translated to 1,49,600 empty job posts in Ontario and 85,000 in Quebec. In Alberta, the job vacancy rate was 2.2 percent with 33,900 unfulfilled jobs. Job vacancy rate decline was felt only in Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador. There was no change in the job vacancy rate in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


Wages have been consistently going up due to the increase in the Job Vacancy rate. Construction, transportation, enterprise services and personal services are the sectors facing the greatest labour shortage.
Unemployment rate in Canada has been the lowest at 5.9 percent ever since 2008 reaching a ten year low in November.


In November, British Columbia posted the lowest unemployment rate in Canada at 4.8 percent. The same month, Quebec also posted its lowest unemployment rate since 1975, which is being cited as the main reason for calls for changes in the immigration quotas.

Study in Canada

Study in Canada

A recent study conducted in India clearly shows that more than half of Indian students who belong to affluent families are going abroad to complete their higher studies.


There is no dearth of educational institutes in India but what the country lacks is quality education. The universities in t western countries are highly recognized by several educational forums from all over the world.
Canada is now perhaps the only country in the west where most of the Indian students are migrating to build their future. Recently with the help of several Study in Canada Consultants, the process of immigration has become less complex.


we will discuss here some important aspects about admission in any University in Canada. We are detailing out the entire procedure here exhaustively.


Subject choice

One has to choose the right subject to study. The educational institutes in Canada offer courses from medicine to communications. A student can choose any subject whom they feel is good for a better future.
Choose the right university
Some of the most popular universities in Canada are:
University of British Columbia
McGill University
University of Toronto


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           Canada Education Consultants

Take a complete overview before applying

Before applying to any course, do a complete research on the subject. Try to find out what is the scope in the future based on this genre of study. After you shortlist your universities, check all of them to see if they hold the status of designated learning institution.

High grades are equally important to study in Canada. Mostly all the institutions require a percentage of above 70 to get admission. No university in Canada will grant admission to a student if his or her grades are low.
Candidates can directly apply to the university through the websites or else they can consult any Canada education consultants who will help them in the best possible way.


Documents needed to apply in a Canadian university

Some of the important documents that are needed to apply in any Canadian university are

• Graduation pass certificate along with mark sheets
• Complete application form
• A complete resume of the candidate
• A proper letter of intent
• Final copy of English language proficiency test or French
• A proper documentation which proves that a candidate can actually finance the course
• Two reference letter from past academic institutions.
The universities in Canada are wholeheartedly welcoming the Indian students to study under their supervision. Don’t waste even a second to grab some good offers.

Study in Canada

Study in Canada

All over the world, there are institutions which are a class apart and among all, few of them belong to Canada. The country is now a forum for best education in the world.  To Study in Canada there are no hassles as the system is very flexible for the foreign students.


Some of the most recognized institutions are in Canada and among them, some are even considered to be the best in the world namely  University of British Columbia, University of Toronto and McGill University. These institutions have some of the most qualified students studying in different courses.


Why do people actually shift to study in Canada?

Here we will highlight certain important points that will reflect the need for people to study and shift to Canada. The country offers several merits to the students and some of them are.


Various scholarships offered by several bodies– The range of scholarship offered in Canada is massive.  There are several institutions which offer different scholarship program for the students.  Some of the popular scholarships are The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, University of Calgary Graduates Studies Award, and Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program.


Canada Education Consultants are the best education consultants for Canada with top colleges and universities .

Study in Canada

Canada Education Consultants


Affordable living– Along with the education cost people always analyze the cost of living in a foreign country The cost of living in Canada is quite moderate in comparison to other western countries.  Students can enjoy a productive life with minimal means.


Freedom to enjoy one’s own culture– A huge amount of cultural diversity takes place in Canada. The Government gives freedom to  people from varied backgrounds to enjoy their own cultural heritage without any fear.


High rate of employment– Job prospects in Canada are very good.  The country has a very high rate of employment for all people in different sectors.


Permanent residency in Canada– Study in Canada is now one of the best options, as the country offers work permit and permanent residency after the period of study.


So our advice is, If you are getting an opportunity to study in Canada then don’t miss it. Your future will be safe and secure.






Study in Canada

Study in Canada from India

To study in Canada, you are required to have a Canadian Student Visa, which serve as a Canadian Study permit for you. If you are planning for a shorter duration course for six months or less, you don’t require Visa. When you are studying in a highly accredited college or university, your Study Visa serve as a permit to work off-campus or work as co-op intern. You may also work on campus. There are two ways to apply for Canada Visa:-
One is online and other one is paper application. Once you have Study Visa, you may apply to renew that within Canada, if you are planning to study further.

Applying for a Canada Student Visa or Study Permit
Paper application can be obtained from Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) website.
It takes twice as long as does the online application. For online application, you require electronic copies of all your supporting documents. If you need further assistance, you may take the help of nearest Visa Application Center (VAC) in your country.
Canada Education Consultants (CEC) guide you the easier and faster way to apply for Canada Study Visa or  Study Permit with minimal of efforts for Study in Canada from India. CEC is one of the renowned study in Canada Consultants from India


Canada Education Consultants


A few steps to process of getting the Canada Student Visa or Study Permit are as follows:-


Step 1: Apply for Admission in Colleges or Universities
You will find around 47 SPP Colleges& Universities in Canada. Firstly, search out for the best colleges in terms of ranking, quality education, fee structure or other facilities. Apply for the institution of your choice. You would be required to submit a few documents including passport copy, English language ability and proof of your previous education qualification.


Step 2: Tuition Fee Payment
After accepting your offer from your university, you must pay the tuition fee as mentioned in the offer letter. The institution will provide you with the receipt after getting the fee payment and processing it. This receipt will be needed to lodge your visa application.


Step 3: Purchasing of GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)
GIC is an investment Account from Scotia bank with guaranteed interest rate over the specific period of time. You would be required to provide CA $10,000. It enables to meet the requirements for the guidelines for Canada Citizenship and immigration. It would provide access for your living expenses.
CA $2,000 with accrued interest will be deposited in your account, when you arrive Canada. From there on, you will receive the remaining amount in 12 months installment with accrued interest. After 12 months, you would have received your CA$10000.The fees for this program is CA $ 200

Canada Education Consultants (CEC) have the best universities and top colleges in Canada under their study program for study in Canada from India. CEC provide you with the better options for Canada Student Visa or Canada Study Permit.


Step 4: Medicals Undertaking
You would be needed to have the medical examination certificate by the doctors approved by the Government of Canada. You will get a receipt. You would need to submit it at the time you are lodging for the Visa application for Canada.


Step 5: Visa Application Lodgment
To lodge your visa application you will need to provide the documents as per SPP Checklist:
• Visa Application Form
• Family information form
• Letter of Acceptance from SPP Educational institute in Canada
• Original valid passport
• Use of Representative Form
• Academic Documents
• Receipt of Payment of Tuition fee
• Medical
• English Proficiency Test Proof
• Evidence of GIC purchase
• Student Questionnaire etc.


Step 6: Visa Status or Outcome
Once you receive your passport, you would get to know about the outcome of your Canada Student Visa Application.

Study in Canada

Study in Canada

There is good news for Indian students who would like to study in Canada. The number of new immigrants to be allowed in Canada in 2017 was fixed at 300,000, same as that of 2016.There was a drop in the intake of refugees. Refugee & Citizenship minister John McCallum admitted that international students were affected by unfriendly rules & policies.  The minister admitted that they were not treated well. He also convincingly said that younger international students were among the most promising as they could speak French or English and are well familiar to Canada. “We are going to give them more points under our express entry program, helping them to become permanent residents.” McCallum promised


In 2014, Canada’s education policy has marked India as a priority country. Universities Canada has noted that Brazil, China & India are among the faster growing economic powers. The Canadian government was making efforts to recruit the top talents from India. Between 2004-2005 and 2013-14, the number of international students in Canadian Universities was raised from 66,000 to 124,000. It hasgrown by 88% in comparison to Canadian Students increase by 22%. India’s students are made familiar to “Canada’s value proposition –a high quality educationsystem  at an attractive price, safe & welcoming environment for study in Canada.” In 2013-14, the top five individual source countries for Canada were China (34.1%), France (7.6%), the United States (6.2%), India (5.7%), and Saudi Arabia (4.5%).


Top Colleges in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada Education Consultants in India are among the top favored overseas education Consultants, when it comes to study in Canada for international students from India. They make top colleges in Canada available for Indian students.


In 2013, the most favored courses for international students from India were architecture, engineering and related technologies (37%), business, management and public administration (22%), mathematics, computer and information sciences (12%) and physical and life sciences, and technologies (11%).


Canada is always offering the high quality education at an affordable price. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are among the world’s top five most livable cities. Montreal was also ranked high in 14th place.