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There is good news for Indian students who would like to study in Canada. The number of new immigrants to be allowed in Canada in 2017 was fixed at 300,000, same as that of 2016.There was a drop in the intake of refugees. Refugee & Citizenship minister John McCallum admitted that international students were affected by unfriendly rules & policies.  The minister admitted that they were not treated well. He also convincingly said that younger international students were among the most promising as they could speak French or English and are well familiar to Canada. “We are going to give them more points under our express entry program, helping them to become permanent residents.” McCallum promised


In 2014, Canada’s education policy has marked India as a priority country. Universities Canada has noted that Brazil, China & India are among the faster growing economic powers. The Canadian government was making efforts to recruit the top talents from India. Between 2004-2005 and 2013-14, the number of international students in Canadian Universities was raised from 66,000 to 124,000. It hasgrown by 88% in comparison to Canadian Students increase by 22%. India’s students are made familiar to “Canada’s value proposition –a high quality educationsystem  at an attractive price, safe & welcoming environment for study in Canada.” In 2013-14, the top five individual source countries for Canada were China (34.1%), France (7.6%), the United States (6.2%), India (5.7%), and Saudi Arabia (4.5%).


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Study in Canada

Canada Education Consultants in India are among the top favored overseas education Consultants, when it comes to study in Canada for international students from India. They make top colleges in Canada available for Indian students.


In 2013, the most favored courses for international students from India were architecture, engineering and related technologies (37%), business, management and public administration (22%), mathematics, computer and information sciences (12%) and physical and life sciences, and technologies (11%).


Canada is always offering the high quality education at an affordable price. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are among the world’s top five most livable cities. Montreal was also ranked high in 14th place.