The application process for provincial nominee programs in Canada

Express Entry PNP Canada

The way to apply for provincial nomination program depends upon the stream you are applying – paper based process or online process through express entry. There are two stages for applying in each of the two cases:-
  1. 1. First decide the place to live in Canada. Apply to that particular province or territory for nomination. Your application is reviewed based on: Express entry – if you meet the minimum criteria for one of the federal immigration programs for express entry. Their immigration requirements If you are creating an express entry profile, you are asked for the province or state of your choice. You may be contacted by the province to submit your PNP application for nomination. If you already have the provincial nomination, you must mention it in your profile. Canada Education Consultants is one of the renowned counselors for CanadaExpress Entry.
  2. 2. After you are nominated for the province, you are required to apply to IRCC for permanent residence. Your application is assessed based on Canadian Immigration Laws. If you are applying for federal express entry, you must apply to IRCC before ITA is received. You have to pass the medical exam and police check as a part of the process Canada Education Consultants guides you for the best possible options for immigration to Canada.
In the paper based process, you are applying through non-express entry stream. You need to meet the eligibity criteria of the province or territory to get nominated. After getting nominated under provincial nominee program canada, you submit a paper application to IRCC. Processing time is more as compared to express entry. In the electronic process stream, you apply in two ways. You can contact the province or territory of your interest. If they agree to nominate, you create express entry profile showing that you are nominated. In the second process, you create your express entry profile, mentioning the province or territory of your interest. The province sends the notification of interest. You contact them directly. In both cases, once you are invited to apply, you submit an electronic application to IRCC. Most of the express entry applications are processed in 6 months or less.  

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