Canada takes the lead in immigration and investment rankings

Canada takes the lead in immigration and investment rankings

The world has spoken, and it seems that people have given Canada the reputation of being among the most friendly and flourishing in the world. The Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index has held a survey and ranked 50 countries based on factors like their reputation and prosperity. The survey interviewed 20,035 adults (older than 18) from 20 countries. Out of the 50 countries included in the rankings, Canada impressively ranked in third overall.

Although Germany and France placed first and second, respectively, Canada did come in first place in three of the six categories! One of the categories that Canada ranked first in was investment and immigration. It also had significant improvements in the categories of culture, governance, and tourism.

Canada’s ranking in investment and immigration is especially impressive. These investment categories examine how people perceive the quality of a country’s business industry and environment. For immigration, it considers how a country attracts newcomers to stay in a country to pursue a career or education. As a result, the category gives the ranking countries a score based on several factors. This includes educational opportunities, business investments, the equality of the society, and the country’s overall quality of life.

What’s more, the interviews asked their correspondents to assign “personality traits” to each of the 50 countries included in the survey. The results were full compliments for Canada, making it clear that the country has a very positive global reputation. Some of the personality traits suggested by interview correspondents are as follows:
Friendly (39% of correspondents)
Trustworthy ( 30%)
Happy (29%)
Generous (19%)

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