Manitoba gives 347 provincial nominations to foreign graduates and workers

Manitoba gives 347 provincial nominations to foreign graduates and workers

On September 12 the Manitoba provincial government issued 347 invitations for hopeful immigrants to apply for a Canadian permanent residence provincial nomination. The province of Manitoba gives its candidates Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA). These LAAs are very similar to the Expression of Interest (EOI) invitations used in other provinces. 

The letters were overseen by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) and were divided between three immigration streams managed by the MPNP. These streams are the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Category, the Skilled Workers Overseas Category, and the International Education Stream. So far in 2019, these three programs have issued a total of 6,157 LAAs to skilled workers and graduates.

The 347 invitations from September 12 were divided as followed: 

  • 40 sent to applicants from the International Education Stream (IES)
  • 53 sent to applicants from the Skilled Workers Overseas Category
  • 254 sent to applicants from the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Category 

Of these 347 candidates, 45 of them were chosen through their profiles in Express Entry

Similar to Express Entry and the Comprehensive Ranking System scores it uses, the MPNP has a ranking system it utilizes in its immigration stream. In this case, it uses an Expression of Interest (EOI) score, which gives the applicant a score out of 1,000 based on the criteria they meet. The scoring system itself is very similar to the CRS counterpart. For example, the EOI takes into account factors such as English and French language proficiency, their education background, and their work experience. 

International Education Stream 

International graduates from Manitoba post-secondary schools received 40 of the LAAs issued in the draw. These candidates were part of Manitoba’s International Education Stream.

The International Education Stream is responsible for selecting international student graduates for immigration. That is to say, this stream selects qualified graduates of Manitoban schools who meet the needs of the labour market.

The steam also has three separate subcategories: the Student Entrepreneur Pathway, the Career Employment Pathway, and the Graduate Internship Pathway. 

Skilled Workers in Manitoba Category

The highest amount of recipients from the draw were the 254 candidates from the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Category.

This category caters to both international graduates and skilled foreign workers. It helps those currently living and working in the province obtain their Canadian permanent residence. As a result of seeking permanent residence, one of the conditions is that an employer must give the applicant an offer of permanent employment for full-time hours.

The Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream uses the EOI scoring system to rank and prioritize candidates. In this case, the 254 applicants selected in the draw had a minimum score of 545.

Skilled Workers Overseas Category

The draw distributed 53 LAAs to immigration candidates from the Skilled Workers Overseas Category.

The Skilled Workers Overseas category also ranks its candidates based on their EOI scores. Likewise, this particular draw had a minimum score of 706 for Skilled Worker Overseas candidates.

This immigration category is also in affiliation with Manitoba’s Strategic Recruitment Initiative. Subsequently, this initiative works with provincial employers to find the most skilled candidates for their job openings.

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