New Brunswick to double immigration rate by 2024

New Brunswick to double immigration rate by 2024

The New Brunswick provincial government aims to increase immigration to the province in the next five years. There are high hopes that this move will help solve the issues caused by the province’s declining population.   

The provincial government has proposed a new population growth strategy that aims to have a yearly influx of 7,500 new immigrants by 2024. This prospected number is just about double the current immigration rate for the province. Additionally, the government intends to encourage immigrants to stay in the province permanently and increase the overall retention rate.

Significant Job Openings 

The province estimates that 120,000 jobs will need to be filled by 2029. Additionally, over 90% of openings resulting from employee retirement. The overall population in New Brunswick is aging, resulting in a notable decline in the working population. The impact is most notable in the support services and the health-care industry. In the last ten years, the ratio of care workers per senior citizen has decreased significantly.

Furthermore, the province’s birth rate has been steadily declining, so the government is looking for eligible immigrants to enter along with their families.

The New Brunswick government will be searching for immigration candidates by using the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and the New Brunswick Nominee Program (NBNP).

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot was created in 2018 to fill gaps in the dwindling maritime labour market. The pilot allows Atlantic Canadian employers to personally seek out skilled foreign workers for positions they need to fill.

Applicants interested in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program need a valid job offer from an Atlantic Canadian employer to be considered for the program. This means that they would need to either be found by employers through various hiring services and websites, or they would have to seek out the employers and contact them via those services. 

After receiving a job offer, employers would require candidates to apply through one of three skilled workers programs: 

  • The Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP),
  • The Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP),
  • And the Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP) for students

New Brunswick Nominee Program

New Brunswick’s other preferred program, the New Brunswick Nominee Program (NBNP), conversely uses the Express Entry stream to select potential candidates for immigration. The program looks at profiles on the Express Entry stream and nominates promising applicants. Subsequently, they add 600 points to a successful nominee’s profile.

Applicants interested in the NBNP would need to create a profile through Express Entry to qualify. Additionally, they would need to meet four sets of criteria outlined by the program. First, the program prioritizes candidates with the highest scores on Express Entry. Second, the candidate must have experience in a field of employment that the province needs to fill. Third, they must be able to thrive economically if they live in the province. Finally, they should have a chance to contribute positively to the labour market. 

The NBNP sets its sights mainly on graduates from provincial post-secondary schools, as well as entrepreneurs and skilled workers.

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