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British Colombia introduces new Entrepreneur Immigration Programme

British Colombia introduces new Entrepreneur Immigration Programme

In what seems like a dream come true for many immigration enthusiasts, the most popular province in Canada, British Colombia has introduced its new EI Regional pilot programme for entrepreneurs. The good news is that the net-worth required to apply is much less than any other existing eligibility requirements for any province. The eligible investment at CAD 100,000 is also much lower than that required by any other Business investment under PNP’s.

The provinces’ own previously running regular entrepreneur immigration programme has an eligibility requirement of net worth CAD 600,000 and an investment of CAD 200,000.

The programme is a partnership between the Province and the Regional communities and has an endorsement element to it just like the community endorsement component in business entrepreneur programme for the province of PEI. For being eligible, the applicant is required to be endorsed by one of the regional communities of British Colombia with a population of less than 75,000 and located beyond 30 km of a municipality of 75,000 people. To be eligible, the communities need to demonstrate their capacity to support foreign investors.

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