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Canada’s marijuana industry employees to be ‘generally admissible’ for own travel says US

The latest update on admissibility of Canada employees working in the marijuana industry, says that they can travel to US under specified Conditions.


The update that came out on October 9th 2018 has put to rest a lot of doubts that had been created when US had said that workers in the Canadian Marijuana industry would be restricted to travel for work. Recently Canada has legalized Marijuana for medicinal purposes and very soon it will legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purpose also.


Earlier statements about travel of workers to the US had created confusion that they may not be allowed travel and this raised concerns amongst the industry workers.


But in the latest clarification, The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency has given a go ahead to the Marijuana industry employees to travel to US for any purpose other than for work related to Marijuana industry. It also added that Canadians travelling to US for reasons related to Marijuana industry may not be admissible to US.


Under the US Federal law sale, possession, production, distribution and importation of the drug remain illegal.


The statement also says that if any person is suspected to be a drug abuser or an addict and has commited any crimes related to the violations mentioned under US laws will not be granted admission in the country. In the US 9 states permit recreational use of marijuana and 30 more permit its use for medicinal purpose but the US federal law takes precedence over the state laws.