Express Entry Pool Points Distribution As of September

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New Express Entry draw threshold falls to 440Minimum threshold goes down by five points in latest Express Entry draw


3,900 candidates were sent invitation to apply for permanent residence in the New Express Entry draw held on October 15th. This latest draw saw the minimum score this year at 440 which has ranged between 440 and 452 throughout the year.


The minimum threshold reached in the previous draw was 445 on October 3rd, which dropped by 5 points. This is the fifth time in this year that the score has dipped to 440.


This marks the fifth time in 2018 that the minimum score for an all-program Express Entry draw was 440.


According to the tie-break rule followed by IRCC, the date and time used was September 18, 2018, at 11:06:29 UTC, which means that all candidates with a score above 440, as well as those candidates with scores of 440 who submitted their profile before this specified date and time, will receive an ITA in this invitation round.


The gap between the two draws is only 12 days, and it is believed that the fact that this draw was held earlier than the 15-day interval, helped the score slide down. Usually such a drastic reduction in between draws, and large no of applicants being invited helps the score go low. The lesser the time between draws, the lesser the time for the pool to replenish, and this is what results in lower scores.


In the Express Entry system, which came into force in 2015, applicants are ranked according to their comprehensive ranking scores, which bases points based on factors including work experience, education, age and proficiency in English or French, Canada’s two official languages.


Candidates with the highest scores are issued an ITA through regular invitation rounds.


In 2018, IRCC has till now issued more than 70,000 invitations. A total no of 22 draws have been held so far in this year. In 2017, IRCC had till now sent 72,221 ITAs. The total no of applicants invited through Express Entry last year was 86,023.


The Govt of Canada has a target of 74,900 immigrants brought in through its 3 categories under Express Entry that is Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades and the Canadian Experience Class. For 2019, this target is 81,400.



Express Entry Pool Points Distribution As of September

Ontario immigration lowers scores to less than 400

Ontario says more Express Entry-linked draws with CRS under 400 ‘possible’

The Ontario provincial government has said that there is a possibility the province will consider applicants with CRS scores of less than 400 under the Human Capital Priorities Stream. The stream has always had a minimum threshold of at least 400 points. This stream allows the Ontario Immigrant Nominee programme to search for eligible candidates from the federal express entry pool.


Recently, OINP revised the stream’s application guide to allow the director to stipulate the minimum scores rather than sticking to 400. This led to three invitation rounds where the province selected candidates with a minimum as low as 350 points ever since the August 9 draw.


That draw targeted Express Entry candidates with a job offer in Ontario for which the CRS minimum was dropped to 351. A second Human Capital Priorities draw on March 28 also saw the CRS minimum reduced to 351 for Express Entry candidates with French language abilities of CLB 7 or higher.


But neither of these two (a job offeror French language proficiency) are mandatory under the Human Capital Priorities Stream’s criteria.


Ontario has used the Human Capital Priorities Stream to target Express Entry candidates with specified work experience, in the information and communication technology sector.


OINP says the possibility of minimum score continuing to drop below 400 will depend on a number of factors, including the number of eligible candidates in the Express Entry pool and Ontario’s labour market needs and priorities.


The Ontario Immigration Act grants the OINP’s director the discretion to set the minimum CRS score based on the following factors:

1. Ontario’s annual OINP nomination allocation, as determined by the federal government;


2. The federal government’s minimum CRS score, which establishes federal government Express Entry selection parameters;


3. Ontario’s current labour market needs; and


4. Other Ontario economic immigration related priorities.


In order to be visible to the OINP when it is searching the Express Entry pool, candidates must indicate their interest in immigrating to either Ontario or ‘All provinces and territories’ when creating their Express Entry profile.


Doing so will allow OINP staff to identify candidates in the federal Express Entry system who have an interest in immigrating to Ontario.