Express Entry Program

The Government of Canada has issued 3,900 invitations to apply (ITAs) in two Express Entry draws in the past two days. The first draw saw 118 candidates invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence, while the second draw distributed 3,782 invitations. 

In spite of the issues currently surrounding the global Covid 19 pandemic, Canada is continuing to issue permanent residence certificates. It is worth noting that economic immigrants currently residing in the country are the most likely to receive ITAs at this time. This has demonstrated that the Canadian government is still looking out for its foreign workers who want to become permanent residents. It is especially supportive of those who are essential workers and are continuing to aid the public at this time. 

Two Express Entry Draws in Two Days

In the first of the two latest Express Entry draws, 118 invitations were sent on April 15 . The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score in this draw was. The candidates selected for this draw were all participants of the Provincial Nominee Program. This means that they have all received provincial nominations. That provincial nomination awards them an additional 600 points to their current CRS scores. 

The Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is active in most provinces and territories throughout Canada. It aids many immigrants in obtaining their permanent residence. For more information on the PNP contact our immigration consultants at CEC by emailing or calling +91-9953552224.

The second Express Entry draw was held on April 16, and it saw 3,782 ITAs sent to immigration candidates. The minimum CRS was 455, which is the lowest score that has been seen yet this year. This draw invited exclusively Canadian Experience Class candidates, and is the fourth ever Express Entry draw to do so. Most Canadian Experience Class immigrants are already living in Canada at the time of Express Entry draws. This makes them more ideal candidates for selection at this time due to Covid 19 measures. 

Generally, Express Entry draws from the profiles of economic immigrants from three skilled worker categories. The three categories are the Federal Skilled Trades Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Class, and the Canadian Experience Class. The profiles of candidates from these categories are ranked based on their CRS scores attached to their profiles. Points on a CRS score are determined based on various factors, including language skills in French or English, work history, education, and other factors.

As of these last two draws, Canada has sent 30,400 ITAs this year, inching closer to this year’s goal of 341,000.

Express Entry Program

3,900 ITAs in two Express Entry draws on April 9

The Canadian Government has once again held a double Express Entry draw, this time with two draws on April 9. The first draw invited 606 candidates, while the second sent 3,294 invitations to apply (ITAs) for Canadian permanent residence. That brought the total to 3,900 ITAs, which is in line with the average single draw that the government has held recently.

Despite Covid 19 prevention measures affecting functions and services throughout Canada, Express Entry has continued to progress relatively normally. In late March two Express Entry draws were held only five days apart, similarly sending 3,900 invitations between the two draws. On April 1 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced via twitter that they would continue to process and accept Express Entry applications and that the invitation draws would also continue. 

Canada Experience Class Dominates Draw

As always, Express Entry invites economic class immigration candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence. It manages the profiles of candidates from the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class, and the Federal Skilled Worker Class. It selects the candidates based on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores. Points for these scores are awarded based on language skills, education, work history, and other factors. Candidates who also receive provincial nominations get an additional 600 points added to their profiles.  

The first of the two draws held April 9 was program-specific, inviting 606 Express Entry candidates who were part of the Canadian Experience Class as well as the provincial nomination program. As a result, the minimum CRS was rather high at 698 points. However, the selected candidates would have also received 600 points from their provincial nominations.  

The second Express Entry draw on April 9 saw 3,294 ITAs distributed. The minimum CRS score for this draw was 464 points. This score was the lowest requirement that Express Entry has seen since October of 2019. This draw also exclusively targeted Canadian Experience Class candidates.

As of these two latest draws, Canada has issued 26,500 ITAs through Express Entry in 2020. The target for the end of the year is currently set at an impressive 341,000. 

Express Entry Program

Canada Immigration Program and Requirements

Canada Immigration Program and Requirements

About Canada Migration/Immigration/Immigrate

Canada is one of the foremost countries to Migrate to in the current times due to rapid growth in economy and standard of living. For going to Canada, you can take up one of the following visas – Canada Permanent Residence Visa, Canada Express Visa, Canada Working Visa or A Student Visa. Over the past few decades, Canada has become a huge hub for a lot of the global trade as well as developments in technology and management. This has led to Canada being the best of the best when it comes to people wanting to Immigration.


Canada provides many opportunities to businessmen, international students, and skilled workers. Click Here to Check if you qualify for Canadian Immigration.


Canada Education & Immigration Consultants Programs

  1. • Permanent Residency Visa For Canada
  2. • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  3. • Business Immigration Program
  4. • Canada Student Work Permit
  5. • Canadian Experience Class
  6. • Canada Federal Skilled Traders
  7. • Provincial Nomination Programs For Canada – Pnp
  8. • Family and Spouse
  9. • Canada Express Entry
  10. • Quebec Skilled Worker


What are the Immigration programs in Canada?

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has developed several good programs for people to use to Migrate to Canada such as Express Entry, PNP, and QSWP. Some of the programs are listed below:


  • • Permanent Residency Canada
  • • Express Entry Program
  • • Family Class Visa
  • • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • • Canadian Experience Class Program
  • • Family and Spouse Visa
  • • Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers
  • • Provincial Nominees Program
  • • Investor Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Persons Program