Quebec Immigration Requirements

Latest Quebec Arrima draw update

Quebec’s most recent Arrima system invitation draw was held on January 16, and it saw 23 invitations distributed. The candidates, who applied through the province’s Regular Skilled Worker Program, will have six months to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec/CSQ). Upon receiving their CSQ, they can then apply for Canadian permanent residence. The Arrima system draws are held by Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration (MIFI).

The candidates who were selected for this draw were just 23 of the 16,000 applications that had been cancelled when the Quebec government announced Bill 9 and its immigration reforms in June 2019. According to the Government of Quebec, this was the final invitation round that will prioritize those affected by Bill 9.

The Arrima system was created in 2018 to manage the profiles of Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Program candidates. It replaced the previous paper-based, first-come-first-serve method of processing applications. To be considered for this draw, candidates sent the MIFI an expression of interest prior to December 17, 2019. When sending applications, they needed to have a study or work permit or be a temporary resident. 

Expression of Interests (EOIs) must be submitted to Arrima to be considered for immigration through the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program. After that, the MIFI sends invitations after examining the profiles and determine what candidates meet labour market needs. The Arrima system itself ranks the profiles based on a score attached to the profile. This score measures factors such a language proficiency and work experience.  

Quebec Immigration Requirements

Quebec Skilled Worker Programs

Quebec opens Skilled Worker Program’s Arrima portal

The first step to immigrating to Quebec will now be to create a profile on Quebec’s new Arrima portal. The portal which has now come in effect has a wait time after candidates enter the virtual room. After their turn they have 90 minutes to complete the profile.


The Expression of Interest system is new to the Government of Quebec which before August this year was accepting applicants through the first come first serve basis. The EOI system requires all interested candidates to create a profile and provide the requested information on their education, area of training, proficiency in French and other languages and work experience, among other details.


Only those who meet certain criteria which focuses mainly on the Quebec labour market will be invited under the new system according to MIDI, Quebec’s Immigration Ministry. All those who are invited to apply will get the CSQ, Quebec Selection Certificate.


After being granted the CSQ, individuals can submit a complete Canadian permanent residence application to Canada’s federal government. There is no restriction on the no of applications that can be received under the new Expression of interest system. The only requirement for eligibility is being 18 years of age.


However, in order to be eligible for selection, candidates will have to meet passing scores for employ ability and selection factors on the QSWP points grid.


The only flip side is that MIDI has provided very limited information on how individuals will be ranked in the QSWP bank of candidates. Though there will be a ranking system, but it is not known if it will be similar to the federal Express Entry system based on the comprehensive ranking system (CRS).


After registering on Arrima, Registrants have 30 days to complete their profile, which will remain valid for one year. Candidates in the EOI pool can update their profile with new information or revise information at any time during the 12-month validity period.Those invited by Quebec to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate have 90 days to submit a complete application.


Quebec Immigration Requirements

Quebec EOI Canada

U.S. work experience given weightage among other ranking factors for Quebec EOI

Quebec EOI: Quebec has released new information on how candidates in its new skilled worker Expression of Interest will be organized and ranked.


With consideration being given to US work experience, Quebec EOI system has become the first immigration system in the world that ranks candidates according to their American work among other factors.


Candidates who submit a profile to QSWP’s new Expression of Interest Bank will be classed in two groups — one group for candidates with a job offer or who are living in Quebec and meet specific criteria, and another for candidates living outside of Quebec.


The first group is for candidates who:

  • 1. have a job offer in Quebec; OR
  • 2. are residing in Quebec with the principal goal of working and
  • 3. have a work permit and an eligible degree from a Quebec educational institution; OR
  • 4. have a work permit that is valid for 12 months or more, six-months of full-time work experience and are currently working full-time.


These 7 criteria will be the basis of scores obtained by this first group:

  1. 1. Age
  2. 2. Quebec diploma
  3. 3. Canadian or U.S. work experience
  4. 4. Proficiency in French
  5. 5. Knowledge of other languages
  6. 6. Education
  7. 7. A spouse or common-law partner’s education and proficiency in French


Candidates in this group will also receive points for the following combinations:

  1. 1. Education combined with proficiency in French (either their own or, if applicable, their spouse’s — whichever score is highest);
  2. 2. Education combined with work experience in Canada or the US and proficiency in French;
  3. 3. Foreign work experience combined with proficiency in French;
  4. 4. Foreign work experience combined with work experience in Canada or the U.S. and proficiency in French


The second group of candidates are people who do not live in Quebec. Candidates in this group will be ranked based on scores obtained under the following eight factors:


  1. 1. Age
  2. 2. Quebec diploma
  3. 3. Canadian or U.S. work experience
  4. 4. Training that Quebec has listed as in-demand
  5. 5. Proficiency in French
  6. 6. Knowledge of other languages
  7. 7. Education
  8. 8. A spouse or common-law partner’s education and proficiency in French


Candidates in this second group will also receive points for thecombinations given above.


The province has not yet given out the details of the points structure for the various factors and skills combinations.

It is touted that the province’s CSQ could also issue invitations to the highest scoring candidates or based on selection criteria or certain priority conditions, which relate to a foreign national’s ability to successfully stay or settle in Quebec, such as training or a trade or occupation. Other criteria could include a specific region of destination in Québec, a country or region affected by a humanitarian crisis or the existence of an international commitment.


There are many similarities between Quebec’s Expression of Interest Bank and the federal Express Entry system, but there some very important differences too.

Like Quebec, candidates for all three classes managed by Express Entry are ranked based on core human capital factors and Skill Transferability combinations, with additional points awarded for a Canadian job offer, a provincial nomination, a sibling in Canada, Canadian education or French language proficiency.

Additional points range from 15 points to 600 points for a provincial nomination and help fast-track candidates for permanent residence.


For the moment, the ranking details outlined by Quebec do not include such additional factors. The new division of QSWP candidates into two groups depending on whether they have a Quebec job offer, education in Quebec or Quebec work experience could also have a similar fast-track effect.



Quebec Immigration Requirements

Changes to Quebec Experience Class also coming

Changes to Quebec Experience Class also coming

The province of Quebec has also opened its plans to bring changes to its other economic immigration programme, the Quebec Experience class or PEQ.


The PEQ is open to eligible candidates who have obtained an eligible diploma from a recognized Quebec school in the recent past or have at least 1 year of skilled work experience in the province in the last 2 years and are currently employed full-time in Quebec.

Till now under the existing PEQ requirements, candidates were required to have work experience in occupations designated Skill Type O, Skill Level A or Skill Level B under Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC).


This essential requirement has now been removed, paving the way for candidates in occupations designated Skill Level C and Skill Level D also. Applicants who are eligible under these NOC skill categories may now be eligible to apply for CSQ through the Quebec Experience Program.


In another key change to the PEQ, Quebec will now allow accompanying spouses and common-law partners of eligible candidates who are working in Quebec on open work permits to present themselves as the principal applicants on CSQ applications.


Whereas immigration to other Canadian provinces and territories is managed jointly with Canada’s federal government, Quebec’s immigration system is largely independent and only relies on the Government of Canada to approve the candidates it selects for temporary or permanent residence.

How the PEQ works:

  1. 1. Foreign Students

Foreign students in Quebec are eligible to apply under this program if they meet the following requirements:

  • The student must have obtained a degree or diploma from an educational institution recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education within the past 36 months;


  • The student must have studied in Quebec for at least 1,800 hours (two years); and


  • The student must show that he or she has successfully completed an advanced intermediate level French course at a Quebec educational institution, if his or her studies were not completed in French,or prove French ability by way of a standardized language test recognized by the government of Quebec.


  1. 2. Temporary Foreign Workers

  • Temporary Foreign Workers in Quebec are eligible to apply under this program if they meet the following requirements:


  • The worker must have 1 year of work experience in Quebec in a skilled, managerial, or professional occupation in the last 2 years prior to submission of the application;


  • The worker must be employed and show legal status in Quebec at the time of his or her application; and


  • The worker must show that he or she has successfully completed an advanced intermediate level French course at a Quebec educational institution, if his or her studies were not completed in French, or prove French ability by way of a standardized language test recognized by the government of Quebec. Alternatively, he or she can show that he or she has satisfied the French language requirements of the professional order governing his or her occupation in Quebec.