Unemployment Benefits For New Immigrants In Canada

Canada Permanent Resident Visa benefits

Canada Permanent Resident Visa benefits

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Canada Immigration Visa Consultants From India

  1. If married, spouse & kids also can fly with you without any additional family visa
  2. Children get free education & spouse gets right to work for any company in Canada
  3. Live, work & settle forever in Canada, without any restriction
  4. Earn the double of what you are earning now & work for any company you wish to
  5. Just after 3 yrs stay, you get to become a Canadian citizen
  6. No need to pay for your or family’s medical treatments
  7. Canadian government sponsors it for the entire family


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Unemployment Benefits For New Immigrants In Canada

Immigration Advantage To Canada

Canada’s immigration Policies have a competitive advantage and attract business. November 8, 2018 By CIC News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada’s immigration policies have an edge over U.S., when it comes to attracting manpower & business.


Canada has been able to attract the top talent through draw on pools of highly educated, futuristic, growth oriented diverse people from all corners of the world.


Trudeau gave the statement at the Fortune Most Powerful Women International Summit in Montreal, which was attended by women CEOs, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and Canadian government representatives.


Last week, the Liberal government also launched new immigration levels plan, which shall encourage new permanent residents through Canada’s economic, family and refugee / humanitarian programs. This numbers will be almost one per cent of Canada’s population in 2021.


60% of the 350,000 immigrants that Canada is planning to welcome this year, will be through Canada’s economic immigration programs. A majority of economic immigrants will be using the Canada’s Federal High Skilled immigration programs and its Provincial Nominee Program.


David Bier, an immigration policy analyst with the Cato Institute’s Centre for Global Liberty and Prosperity in Washington supported Trudeau’s remark.


Bier said Canada’s new immigration levels plan were competitive with U.S. if immigration rates remain as they are or are even reduced further.


In 2017, the Canadian immigration rate was 0.8 per cent.


In terms of economic immigration, Canada’s rate was higher than U.S, and would widen the gap further.


Republican proposals to reduce legal immigration would not be favourable for the economic growth of America.