Canada will welcome 40,000 international graduates for PR in a new announcement

It will not be an exaggeration to call 2021 as a landmark year for Immigration in Canada. 40,000 international graduates working in Canada will be invited for Permanent Residence from May to November this year according to the latest announcement by Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino.

Covid 19 might be adversely affecting the Economy but Canada is persistent in its efforts to bring the rail back on its tracks. With a target of 401,000 new immigrants by end of 2021, unlikely to be achieved in normal course due to delays in processing and other closures, Immigration Canada has switched to this historic by-route.

To be eligible for Permanent Residence under this new public policy, an applicant needs to

  • Completed a degree, a diploma of 2 years generally or a diploma of minimum 8 months for certain skilled trades from a valid DLI institute after January 2017
  • Have a valid status and be employed in Canada under any NOC Code
  • Have a language ability of CLB 5 in either English or French
  • Be physically present in Canada when the PR application is made and approved
  • Intend to reside outside of Quebec

In Canada family members of the applicant are also covered under the public policy. Family members residing abroad may also be eligible for permanent residence if they are included on the applicants declared forms

The intake will start on May 6th 2021 and end on November 5th 2021. If 40,000 applications are received before November, then the intake will finish on that day.

The Minister has specifically stated that Immigration Canada takes note of the specific economic contributions made by international graduates working in a variety of jobs across provinces and occupation sectors. There was a shortfall in meeting the immigration targets set out for 2020, due to travel restrictions and constraints in the capacity to process applications due to the Pandemic.

Canada has always stated that it depends on immigrants to fulfill shortages in the workforce. It is primarily an aging population and looks at students to bring in stability to the economy. They fulfill the need for Canadian education, skills, talent and work experience.

While announcing the policy, the minister also stated that by granting Permanent Residence to recent International Graduates, who are currently employed in Canada, the Economy will definitely benefit for a quick recovery from the onslaught of the Pandemic

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