1400 new immigrants invited to Nova Scotia in 2017

The Atlantic province of Nova Scotia invited a record high, 1400 immigrants through its PNP programme in 2017.
The Nova Scotia Nominee Programme (NSNP) has five streams to attract and nominate applicants. These five streams are

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  • Skilled Worker
  • Entrepreneur
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur
    One of Nova Scotia’s nominee programme most agile facet was the ‘Category B’ of the NSNP’s Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream. This stream opened to applications only three times in 2017 and each time. Whereas the Category A of this stream calls for applicants who have an LMIA supported job offer from a Nova Scotia employer and is targeted at NOC skill level O, A and B; the category B invited applicants who have at least one year of full time continuous paid work experience in the last 6 years in one of the opportunity occupations. These occupations are

    Occupation title NOC Skill level
    Financial Auditors and Accountants 1111 A
    Other financial officers 1114 A
    Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations 1123 A
    Administrative assistants 1241 B
    Accounting and related clerks 1311 B
    Civil engineers 2131 A
    Information systems analysts and consultants 2171 A
    Computer programmers and interactive media development 2174 A
    Computer network technicians 2281 B
    User support technicians 2282 B
    Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses 3012 A
    Licensed practical nurses 3233 B
    College and other vocational instructors 4021 A
    Paralegal and related occupations 4211 B
    Social and community service workers 4212 B
    Financial sales representatives 6235 B

    This stream is a first-come, first-serve category where applicants do not need a job offer, But they must qualify in the opportunity occupations listed above with one year of paid work and they must have an active federal express entry profile. Another 200 immigrants arrived in Nova Scotia through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme, which is a new and innovative pilot programme devised between the Atlantic Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.
    Nova Scotia has announced that it has welcomed more than 4000 new comers in 2017. But surprisingly this no is still lower than a record 70 year high in 2016 of 5500 immigrants which included 1500 Syrian refugees.
    The Government of Nova Scotia says that immigration is the key to growing the province and its economy and they are very hopeful that the good work will continue in 2018.

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