Quebec’s Annual Immigration Numbers Could Return to over 52,000 by 2022


Quebec’s Annual Immigration Numbers Could Return to over 52,000 by 2022

A new proposal from Quebec introduced on June 7 could see immigration levels reaching to 52,500 by 2022.

The maximum for this year was 42,000, which was a 20% cut from 2018’s numbers. If the maximum were to rise to 52,500, that would mean an increase of over 10,000 newcomers allowed each year, returning to levels from previous years.

Due to concerns that arose in the fall of 2018 that newcomers are not integrating into the province, the levels of immigration have been temporarily reduced until these issues could be discussed further.

Since then, they have reevaluated the provinces integration system and services, in hopes to create a better system and retain more newcomers.

Going forward, the province will hold public hearings on immigration, with the first to be held on August 12.

Because altering the system is a complicated process that is still being worked out, immigration increases will occur gradually, at 3000 or 4000 increments each year until 2022. 

The new document also includes propositions that would favour foreign workers and nationals who hold a degree in Quebec and meet the market’s needs, skilled foreign labourers who match short-term market demands, reducing delays before skilled foreign workers arrivals to support Quebec employers, support more young immigrants, and consider more immigrants who are familiar with Quebec’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and democratic values.

These reforms have been criticized heavily, and called unfair. Many consider them to be too strict considering Quebec’s ageing population and high labour market needs.

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