Alberta Government Says Rural Immigration Programs are on track

Alberta Government Says Rural Immigration Programs are on track

Alberta’s new premier Jason Kenney says that his campaign promise to launch two new immigration programs could bring 40,000 new inhabitants to the province’s rural areas. Kenney previously served as Canada’s immigration minister between the years 2008 and 2013. He has vowed to create two programs called the Rural Renewal Program, and the Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program.

Consultations regarding these programs are set to take place later this year.These will include local employers, experts, and pre-existing immigrants in rural areas. They are touted to benefit the smaller communities across the province.

Kenney had previously claimed that the Rural Renewal Program would be tied to the federal Express Entry system.The target for the Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program is to bring in approximately 500 experienced foreign entrepreneurs and their families each year.

The program would require that selected entrepreneurs meet certain goals, such as a minimum investment and net worth, as well as play an active role in managing a business of which they own at least 51%.

If successful, candidates would receive a temporary two-year work permit which would later lead to an invitation to apply for permanent residence as long as they uphold the minimum thresholds outlined by the program.

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