Changes to Post-Graduation Work Permit allow for international travel

Changes to Post-Graduation Work Permit allow for international travel

International students looking to work in Canada after graduation will be glad to hear that they will not have to stay in Canada as the government processes their Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This change came into effect as of February 21. Because of this change, graduates will now be able to travel outside of Canada without losing their work permit eligibility. This applies to any graduates who are currently eligible for full-time employment in Canada without a work permit. 

In order to work full time in Canada, international students have to apply for a PGWP. In turn, PGWPs must be submitted before the expiration date of their study permit. Since it can take up to 90 days for a PGWP to be processed, making it a long wait for graduates before they receive their permit.

How to Work In Canada While Waiting for a Permit

International student graduates can work in Canada without a permit if they meet specific requirements. For one, they must have put in an application for a PGWP, even if it has not completed processing. Secondly, when applying for a PGWP, the international student must have a valid study permit. While in school, they have to have spent at least six months as a full-time student. They must attend a designated school and take either a vocational, professional training or post-secondary program.

Additionally, while in school, the international student cannot have worked more than 20 hours a week. Finally, to be eligible to work in Canada without a permit, an international graduate has to have finished school, earning a certificate, degree, or diploma. If they meet the requirement, then international graduates can work temporarily in Canada without a permit while their PGWP processes. However, if their application is refused, they must stop working when they are told by the immigration ministry. 

If approved, a PGWP allows an international graduate to work in Canada for a time of eight months to three years. Obtaining a job with a PGWP can be very helpful for gaining permanent residence in Canada. For example, the Express Entry system is a great route for recent graduates to obtain their permanent residence. The federal government holds Express Entry draws approximately every two weeks. The draw invites a select number of candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Having work experience in Canada can go a long way to helping the chances of being chosen in an Express Entry draw. 

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