Check your Eligibility for Canada PR Visa

Check your Eligibility for Canada PR Visa

Check your Eligibility for Canada PR Visa

Canada PR through Express Entry Program is a point based migration process based on the proficiency and personal information of an applicant based on six factors; Age, Experience, Qualification, Language ability, Adaptability and job offer. Points are allocated for each factor individually which gets calculated further to match up the Comprehensive Ranking system cut off set forth for all applicants in the Express Entry Pool. The score varies for each applicant as per their credentials.


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Before applying under any of the programs offered by IRCC Canada, we would suggest you to talk to the immigration experts of Canada Education & Immigration Consultants to know the best suited option available for you. This assessment would help you gain confidence in CEC and in your capability of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada.


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Who is Eligible to Apply for this Visa?

  1. • Should be a graduate with 3+ years of experience
  2. • Must be aged below 40
  3. • Must be proficient in English


Following are the Provincial Nomination Programs:

  1. • Ontario Provincial Nomination Program
  2. • British Columbia
  3. • Quebec
  4. • Alberta
  5. • Nova Scotia
  6. • Saskatchewan
  7. • Manitoba
  8. • Prince Edward
  9. • New Brunswick
  10. • Newfoundland and Labrador


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  1. Mugweri Ismail Masaaba

    Dear sir/madam, basing on the testimony of emigrants who have already established in the mighty country Canada I also present my love for the country. Therefore I feel like already established in Canada basically the Canadian prairies which Istudied in my ordinary level. Baby Canada I love you thanks

  2. Pange- mangala

    Je suis intéressé a l’immigration résidence permanente au Canada avec ma femme et cinq enfants comme Aiguilleur technicien professionnels au chemin de fer de Kinshasa en RDCongo pour bénéficie de visa centre globale service Emmanuel pange- mangala

  3. Emmanuel, Pange-mangala

    Après remplir l’inquiry@cavisaexpress vous m’avez demande de remplir une aufre formulaire pour bénéficie de l’éligibilité que je ne pas trouver dans ma boite pouvez-vous m’envoyer une autre formulaire?

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