Ontario calling for international doctors to help with Covid 19 outbreak

Ontario calling for international doctors to help with Covid 19 outbreak 

In the wake of the Covid 19 outbreak in Canada, the province of Ontario is looking toward international doctors to help in this time. As a result, Ontario is extending temporary licenses to recent international medical graduates. These temporary licenses will be approved by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).

Temporary licenses will apply to those who have graduated from medical school in the last two years, as well as students who have passed the Canadian exam to practice medicine. Those applicable will receive a 30 day license to practice medicine in Ontario. Even if applicants do not currently have a license to practice medicine in Canada, they may still be eligible to apply for these Supervised Short-Duration Certificates. What’s more, physicians can apply to renew the temporary license. If approved, they may practice medicine in the province for longer, although the extension time will vary case by case.  

Temporary Licenses to Practice Medicine in Canada

To be eligible for the temporary medical license, there are several criteria an international medical graduate must meet. First, they must have obtained a medical degree from an accredited school of medicine. They also need to have had full-time experience practicing medicine in the past two years, on top of their time in medical school. Next, confirmation of employment is required, and it must be from a facility approved by the Medical Act. Finally, the applicant must identify a supervisor from the aforementioned medical facility.

The CPSO has been issuing these certificates for almost a month. However, CBC reports that not many doctors have actually applied. Before April 3, twelve doctors sent in applications. Ten of these doctors were accepted into the program and given temporary medical certificates. 
To apply for this program, applicants must contact CPSO directly through And for assistance in settling in Canada permanently, applicants can contact our immigration consultants at CEC by emailing or calling +91-9953552224.

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