Over 200 jobs added to Saskatchewan in-demand occupations list

Over 200 jobs added to Saskatchewan in-demand occupations list

More than 200 jobs may be added to the in-demand occupations list of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). This list is connected to several provincial immigration streams, such as the In-Demand Occupations and Express Entry sub-categories of the SINP. These streams require applicants to have had experience working in any of the high-skilled occupations specified in the provided list.

The SINP has recently released a list of 130 occupations that will be excluded from their in-demand occupations list. However, this means that the other 216 occupations are now available for the program.

Each Provincial Immigrant Nominee Program has their own list of in-demand occupations. These lists prioritizes any jobs that the respective province needs to fill because of gaps in the labour market. In April of this year, the Saskatchewan in-demand occupations list included jobs such as mechanical engineers, plumbers, architects, and computer programmers. Jobs on the newly-updated exclusions list include primary and secondary school teachers, optometrists, and pharmacists. 

These lists mainly apply to the SINP’s Express Entry and the In-Demand Occupations immigration streams. Both of these streams can be used by immigration candidates who do not have job offers or previous experience working in Canada.  

The In-Demand Occupations stream looks at applicants with a profile in Saskatchewan’s Expression of Interest system. They contact those with experience in one of the provinces in-demand jobs, and invite them to apply for permanent residence. However, this process does generally take longer than the Express Entry method.

The Saskatchewan Express Entry stream looks at those with profiles in the federal Express Entry pool. The candidates they select are given 600 points towards their Express Entry scores. This in return greatly increases their odds of being picked in the federal Express Entry draws and receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

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