How studying in Canada improves your chances towards PR

Young foreign nationals who hope to immigrate to Canada may find that they have a better chance if they study at a Canadian school first. The Government of Canada has partnered with a number of secondary schools to facilitate the process for international graduates to move to Canada permanently. These schools are known as Designated Learning Institutions.

Students who graduate from a DLI are eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). PGWPs are open work permits which allows the holder to gain valuable work experience in the country. They are effective for up to three years, at which point you can apply for permanent status.For a study period of 2 years, a PGWP would usually be for 3 years, while for a study period of less than 2 years, a PGWP would be of an equal duration as the study period.

Canada has a number of federal and provincial immigration systems, including Express Entry, which support international graduates looking for the next step. Working on a PGWP allows students to gain Canadian full time experience which makes them eligible for the Canadian Experience Class under the Express Entry system

Some of the criteria Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada look for is age and education. Younger candidates help resolve the problem of Canada’s aging population. As well, studying at a Canadian university or college prepares students to work in the Canadian labour force, which is a major advantage. 

Candidates would also have had time to build up their language skills in French or English, another skill the IRCC assesses.

Canada’s schools have a high quality of education, which makes finding work after graduation fairly easy.

International graduates have many pathways to choose from, and are awarded extra points from the IRCC upon completion of their program. Students are also permitted to work part-time during their studies, which goes towards their work experience later on. 

Apart from Express Entry, there are many provincial PR pathways for international graduates or those with jobs in the province. If you are a student interested in studying in Canada and thereafter settling here, Canada Education Consultants provides expert guidance on which institutes to choose and which provinces to target with a focus on your requirements. You could book a consultation by mailing us anytime at

Studying in Canada is one of the surest paths to gaining residence in the country, plus with low tuition costs and high quality of education, it’s a no brainer.

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